All of my photographic work to date has been done using SLR camera bodies, including both those that utilize traditional film and those that record images digitally. For film based photography, I use Fuji Velvia (50 ISO) exclusively. As the capability of digital sensors has increased in recent years, I have moved to digital capture for most of my photography. In both cases, all of my professional photography has been done with Canon EOS bodies.

My main film body is the Canon EOS 1-V. At present, my main digital body is the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, a 21 MP camera that, as of this writing, equals the highest resolution available from Canon; this has been my mainstay camera for the last several years. Prior to that, in reverse succession, my main digital bodies have been the EOS 1Ds Mark II and the original 1Ds.

I have worked with an expanding array of lenses since 2002, ranging in focal length from 16mm to 500mm. I also use Canons higher-end teleconverters with my 300 f/2.8 and 500 f/4 telephoto lenses, effectively expanding my working focal length to as high as 1000 mm when necessary. With the exception of one very high quality Tamron macro lens, all of my lenses have been Canons, and all but a couple of those have come from Canon's L-collection, which tends to represent the company's best optical performers at any given focal length (the two non-L lenses I have used are fixed 50mm and 100mm macro lenses which are optically excellent, and certainly better than any Canon zoom lens at these focal lengths, whether those zoom lenses are L-models or not). I utilize the predictable accessories as well: a solid tripod with adaptive mounts for the long telephoto lenses as well as for shorter focal lengths; standard, remote, and macro flash assemblies for certain special needs; assorted brackets for placing flashes away from the lens axis; protective filters for extreme conditions (really only for blowing sand or salt spray); and an array of neutral density filters for allowing longer shutter speeds in daylight conditions when such slow speeds are desirable.